April 24-26, 2024


Coppin State University - 2500 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216


J. Millard Tawes Center Ballroom


HBCU Plant Based MDs

Why The Summit? /

The HBCU College of Plant-based Lifestyle Medicine is a 501c3 educational organization whose mission is to transform primary care delivery by educating and empowering medical professionals of color that are alumni, professors, health science students and staff at HBCUs along with healthcare professions who serve those in marginalized communities that suffer disproportionately from chronic disease and have greater susceptibility to communicable diseases. The World Health Organization announced that they expect another Pandemic sometime in 2024 and to prevent the worse outcomes for those in marginalized communities that suffer from chronic disease, this summit has been planed in conjunction with the Plantbased World Expo to provide healthcare leaders and plant food manufacturers with an understanding of the power of THE TEN LAWS of Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine in the treatment, prevention and even reversal of many chronic diseases and many communicable diseases.

The aim of the Summit is to introduce THE TEN LAWS as an effective evidenced based comprehensive medical intervention that utilizes “Plant Food as Medicine” along with the nine (9) lifestyle interventions to treat disease which are free and available to anyone regardless of economic status or lack of access to any healthcare facility. This introductory program will provide a deep dive into the medical literature that supports THE TEN LAWS.

While the Plant-based/Vegan food and supplements industries have grown to a combined $10.1 Billion dollar industry with projected growth to $20 Billion by 2025 with the help of the fast adoption of the plant-based diet by African-Americans based on health needs, there is much misinformation/disinformation about the effectiveness of Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine in emergency situations and as a long term practice.

This summit will dispel the myths and provide the evidence any healthcare practitioner needs to confidently educate patients about the wholistic benefits of THE TEN LAWS of Plant-based Lifestyle Medicine.

All members of the our sister organization the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) are also invited to this summit were we will discuss the special role of plant-based food manufactures in the development of truly healthy and culturally tasteful foods. The HBCU-CPLM has developed a new Plant-based Cafeteria Meal Plan planned to be rolled out in 2024 and we want PBFA members to learn about our efforts to develop a new supply stream on the over 100 HBCU campuses in the Southeast.


PBFA members and physicians, nurses, dieticians, PhDs, Health Equity leaders and all levels of healthcare providers that work with the vulnerable and those in marginalized communities that suffer from chronic disease on or around HBCU campuses or any in other setting.

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“Heart & Soul of a Champion”
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Thursday, Sept. 7th at 7pm – Yotel Green Terrace

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Meet African-American plant food manufacturers at the
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Expo Free Registration

Registration for both events required! Names will be compared to HBCU-CPLM paid attendee list to obtain the pass. You have to register twice on this page and in the above link.

Plantbased Physician Speakers /

Dr. David Bowman

Howard University Hospital

Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Rooke

Morehouse Medical

Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Kevin Billups

Meharry Medical


Dr. Ruby Lathon

Certified Nutritionist

HBCU College of Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine - Board

Dr. Columbus Batiste

Plant Based Cardiologist

"The Game Changers"

Dr Milton Mills

Critical Care

HBCU College of Plant Based Lifestyle Medicine - Board


The Law of Trust & Attitude of Gratitude

This session will explore the medical research regarding the role of trust, faith & attitude in achieving optimal health, preventing disease and even reversing disease & answer the question,

The Law of Hygiene & Water

This session will review the medical evidence regarding the impact of environmental hazards and the intersection of personal hygiene as the foundation for dealing with communicable diseases, chronic diseases

The Law of Plant-Based Nutrition

This session will do a deep dive to dispel the myths and reveal the evidence about plant-based nutrition and whether it is truly sufficient for optimal health. The session

The Law of Air & Exercise

This session explores the Plant-based Lifestyle Medicine treatments for asthma, and chronic respiratory diseases and for those weight loss over 40 years old!

The Law of Sunshine & Rest

This session will review the evidence regarding sunshine’s role in the Covid-19 Pandemic and why irregular and insufficient rest is killing America and contributes to the cause of the

The Law of Temperance

This session will discuss the evidence behind the psycho/social benefits of fasting, abstaining from harmful substances and what it takes to achieve true “victory” over food addictions and other


Thursday: 1pm – 5pm
Friday: 1pm – 5pm


Summit Location /

The Ten Laws of Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine 2023 will be hosted at the Yotel Hotel near Time Square 570 10th Ave. at W. 42nd, NY, NY. Attendees receive the discounted rate of $219 per night for the “Premiere Queen Rooms” with views.

Yotel is a short 12 minute walk to the Javis Center located at  655 West 34th Street

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